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^PXR^ Phoenix Rising:

This clan was born in 2004, starting with America's Army as our main game.
Since the first day, we kept on growing, and reached a maximum of 180 members.
With the release of version 3.0, our clan went down, loss of several members and undergoing struggles.
By the end of year 2009 we started all over again with a new name: "Phoenix Rising".
From now on, this clan mainly plays America's Army 2 and 3
but as you notice, we do play other games as well; COD 4, COD MW2, L4D, L4D 2 etc...
We created a division system, so we all have an overview of who 'likes' to play what.
Our main goal is having fun but we do have some competition playing,
we are playing our way through TeamWarfare League.

What do we have to offer:

-Private Teamspeak
-Gaming Servers
-Website & forum (off course)
-Our own ranking and medal system
-Your chance to make a career inside a gaming clan
-Wicked cool members

You think you are ready for this challenge?

Don't hesitate and push that Join Us button in the navigation bar!

^PXR^ Command
-over and out-
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