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Phoenix Rising Organisation

Divisional Structure

The Phoenix Rising (PXR) organizational structure is similar to that of many modern armies.
One key difference, however, is that PXR uses a flexible structure to organize its daily running.

PXR has organized itself around the games it plays, so for example all members who play America's Army are all in the same division. Or all members that play Battlefield are in the same division.
Also, we typically separate the divisions into battalions by the game versions. So, for example, members of the America's Army division who play America's Army 2.x will probably all be organized into one battalion while all the members who play America's Army 3.x are organized into another.
If you are new, you will be assigned to a division of the game you mostly prefer to play and in the battalion of the mostly played game version.

However, it still is possible to ask a transfer to another battalion or division,
contact the head of Internal Affairs.

Central Command Structure

Above all those divisions you have a Central Command (CC),
containing a Head of Central Command and several offices.
The CC performs the administrative work for PXR.
These commanders are responsible for everything other than the on the field activities.
Some of these duties include, decision making, recruiting, managing rules and policies, handling member problems, and anything else that comes up.
The CC also has multiple levels of commanders working together in several offices, from server and technical support to personnel management.

Management Office

The Management office in CC, it's duties consist of:
a) Server Management
b) Website Management
c) Forum Account Management
d) Technical Support

. In case you have problems with your account, problems with your game,...
Contact the Head of Management.

Recruitment Office

The Recruitment office in CC, it's duties consist of:
a) Going through applications
b) Conducting Background checks
c) Approving or declining of Applications
d) Following recruits until they are a regular member of PXR

In case you think you want to comment on a new recruit
Contact the Head of Recruitment.

Internal Affairs Office

The Internal Affairs Office in CC, it's duties consist of:
a) Solving internal problems between members
b) Handing out the ranks, medals and promotions
c) Giving you a hand when you are having problems of any kind
d) Running scrims, tournaments, party's..

In case you have problems in general or have an idea
Contact the Head of Internal Affairs.

After Word

Phoenix Rising provides many opportunities for individuals to pursue leadership roles in the organization.
Jobs can range from very simple jobs to complex or on the battlefield to in the “office”.
No matter what your interests, if you can dedicate the time and energy required,
PXR has a place for you!

There are always opportunities to grow as a commander in PXR.
You need to be willing to put in the time and effort to be successful at your position.
If you are looking to “move up the ranks” and gain authority, you should think twice about taking a leadership position.
Those individuals that are in it for the “power” are often the least respected leaders.
Without respect you will quickly find yourself out of people to “lead”.
If you are interested in becoming a commander, tell the CC. They are always on the look out for new people to take some responsibility. Realize that things may start small, but if you do your job well, there are many more opportunities that will become available.